NRW Forum Düsseldorf
living  24/7 – 100 years Nikon

opening 21.9.2017
19:00 – 23:00


It was a Nikon that Steve McCurry used in 1984 to photograph the green-eyed young Afghan girl. The steadfast “Tank Man“ by Charlie Cole and Nasa’s numerous space images were also created with cameras and lenses from the Nikon Company. Photographers and photojournalists are always there capturing history in the making. The exhibition “leben 24/7 – 100 Jahre Nikon“ [living 24/7 – 100 years of Nikon] will be presenting a selection from a century of Nikon photography and will show how, in the course of this, the camera itself became a legend.

with: Jodi Bieber, Charlie Cole, David Douglas Duncan,  Volker Hinz, Heidi & Hans-Jürgen Koch, Peter Lindbergh, Joel Marklund, Steve McCurry, Duane Michals, Ed Ruscha, Moises Saman, Jérôme Sessini, Michael Wesely und Ami Vitale